Standard Solutions

The “STANDARD” plant solution consists of building a hydroelectric generating system fully placed between two 20 ft. containers to generate powers of up to 500 kW. This system will be wholly produced in the factory where it will also be fully checked and tested in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

The solution may be of interest not only to Communities located in very poor, decentralised areas compared to infrastructured urban areas, but also for use as a generator for construction companies and / or military purposes or missionary works that have to operate in similar areas and where the fuel supply for conventional generators, as well as its storage in large quantities, becomes problematic.

The project’s aims can be summarized as follows:

  • low cost
  • pre-assembled and fully tested at the factory
  • reliable and easy to run and with little maintenance
  • easy to install on minimum civil works reduced to a laying platform
  • rapid installation time (the aim is 1 week with the use of a specialised technician)
  • reduced operations to be carried out on site that only provide hydraulic connections to the penstock and unloading, and the connection to the local distribution network.

Hydraulic drops have, therefore, been established that are statistically possible, with the subsequent necessary capacities and the following fields of exploitation have come to be regarded of some interest:

  • maximum net hydraulic drop: 160 mH2O
  • minimum net hydraulic drop: 30 mH2O
  • maximum hydraulic flow: 450 l / s.
  • Standard Solutions © Nuova Serman

  • Standard Solutions © Nuova Serman

  • Standard Solutions © Nuova Serman