Nuova Serman works around the world supplying products and services such as:

  • the design and production of hydraulic turbines with mechanical and electrical part adjustment accessories for new plants and/or revamping
  • after sales operations service
  • dismantling and re-assembly of hydraulic turbines, or parts of these, for their revision
  • design and construction of penstocks complete with expansion joints and special parts
  • design and construction of grills and hydraulically operated automated screen filters.
  • design and construction of regulation and intercept valves such as butterfly valves and sluice
  • gates controlled by electric actuator or hydraulic cylinder
  • programmed maintenance including the supply of spare parts where necessary
  • general industrial plant work.

Other services

One important area that Nuova Serman picked up on from the outset, was the study and completion of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on existing hydroelectric plants, including the regeneration of worn parts from the hydrodynamic flow.

Kaplan Turbines

Hydraulic turbines that exploit small drops in height – from 4 to 20 metres – but with vast capacities.

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Francis Turbines

Turbines used in water flows with drops from 10 to 100 metres and variable flow rates, from 1 to 20 m³.

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Pelton Turbines

Turbines for significant drops – more than 50 metres – and low flow rates (up to 5 cubic metres per second). They are usually used in Alpine environments.

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Standard Solutions

Integrated turnkey solutions, complete with electromechanical part, design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and after sales service.

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Valves, grilles, sluice gates, ducts and other components.

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